About the Conference

The recent pandemic has shown that emerging pathogens present challenges for the scientific community at multiple levels and call for the development and adaptation of new methods in infectious disease research, including imaging techniques. Given the diverse sizes of pathogens ranging from 20-1500 nm and their ability to highjack various cells, the imaging of pathogen-host interactions demands the application and integration of multiple microscopy techniques. The valuable insights gained through these microscopy techniques will help understand the pathological changes induced by infections and devise novel concepts for therapy in cells and tissues, which will be crucial in preparing for and mitigating future outbreaks.

The international conference on “Pathogens: new insights from microscopy techniques” aims to bring together a microscopy-oriented community of physicists, engineers and image analysis specialists with life scientists, clinicians and representatives of biopharma by providing an overview of new technologies which has emerged during a pandemic; creating collaboration links between microscopy specialists, life scientists and pharma and providing opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas, particularly for young researchers at the beginning of their careers.

The conference will encompass a keynote talk on the historical role of microscopy in infectious disease research, a series of invited speakers, selected talks and a poster session on the following topics and beyond:

  • Pathogens close up: structural imaging by electron microscopy
  • Pathogen-host interaction via light, electrons and X-rays
  • Targeting and labelling of pathogens
  • Correlative imaging approaches

We are grateful to our sponsors for making this conference possible